Data Protection

Personal data from individuals as for example names, addresses, telephone-numbers and e-mail-addresses are subject to rules the safety policies and laws. We provide safety and protection of your personal data. Information on data protection can be taken from our website.

Personal Data

Our website does principally not collect any individual data such as names, addresses or e-mail addresses of any visitor.

In cases when personal data is sent to us (for example within an e-mail) this data is stored on our servers. This for example is always the case when you order datasheets or catalogues, ask for technical support as well as in cases of inquiries or applications for employment - especially when fax or e-mail transmission is used.

All personal data sent to us is strictly used for the desired purpose: to provide you individual feedback and information as requested. The information and personal data will not be passed to any other person or company nor published or shared in any way.