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Linear solenoids are for particularly suitable ways. indEAS activity solenoids are robust direct current solenoids in a closed and open execution move economic or act of short. The built-in precision spools bring in an optimum to performance in connection with the right form. Based on our competence for magnets we develop and produce application specific solutions with an optimal function fulfilment. Our product range contains piston stroke magnets in a closed and open style, trick and custody magnets as well as special shapes and systems in customer design

Linear Solenoids
  • high force
  • short pull-in time

Short, round construction for pulling and pushing effect. Increasing solenoid force - stroke curve.

Customer-specific versions for very high lifetime expectations (sometimes over 100 million uses) with particular bearing materials, double-sided shaft bearing or linear ball tracks.

Reversing linear solenoids
  • a coil system for every movement of direction
  • Return time = pull-in time
  • no reduction in solenoid force caused by return spring
Combination of two coil systems with a common plunger. For every stroke direction a coil system is stimulated, i.e. the second coil system is used for the plunger return.
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